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The new normal, Sales Meeting style!

October 8, 2020

Picture the scene… It’s a cloudy October morning and Product Specialists from all over the country descend on Osprey HQ. The car park is packed and it’s a battle of the early birds to get a parking spot. After copious cups of tea and maybe even a breakfast run to the local café, everyone huddles into the conference room to get cracking with the bi-monthly sales meeting.


Or not…remember, this is 2020 we’re dealing with.


Today (8th October) marks our first Sales Meeting since the pandemic began and obviously things ran a little differently. It was a nice change not having to remember who drinks what and how many sugars everyone takes, unless your Paul and a brew run results in everyone getting tea white one or coffee white one.

The conference room ran with a socially distanced skeleton crew and the rest of the team dialling in on Skype, it was the perfect test run for our new webinar room! *oooooohhhhh* I know right?


After the odd technical glitch and Curry’s messing up Collin’s webcam order we managed it and I can honestly say it was a success,this new normal isn’t too bad at all!


Will it stay like this in the future? Who knows! But what I can say is that with it being one of the fastest sales meetings on record, the webinar meetings set up 100% has my vote.

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