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Timo Wall Mounted Personal Care Stretcher Offer

February 21, 2024

The Timo Wall Mounted Personal Care Stretcher by Osprey Healthcare is a versatile and convenient solution for personal care in showering and changing facilities. Here are some key features and benefits:

• Fold-up, Wall-Mounted Design: The stretcher can be conveniently folded up and mounted on the wall, saving space when not in use. This feature is especially useful in areas where space is   limited.

• Waterproof Top Section: The waterproof top section makes cleaning easy, which is crucial in a multi-user environment where hygiene is a priority. This feature ensures a sanitary and easily   maintainable surface.

• Versatile Usage: The stretcher can be used free-standing or over a bath, providing flexibility in different settings and accommodating various user needs.

• Wipe Clean Plastic Mesh: The use of wipe-clean plastic mesh for the sections enhances cleanliness and hygiene. This material is likely durable and easy to maintain, contributing to the overall   convenience of the stretcher.

• Fixed Height: The stretcher comes with a fixed height, providing stability and ease of use for both caregivers and users.

• Stainless Steel Frame: The stainless-steel frame adds durability, corrosion resistance, and a modern aesthetic. This material choice is suitable for wet environments, such as shower areas.

• Safe Working Load: With a 150kg safe working load, the stretcher is designed to accommodate individuals with varying needs while ensuring their safety during use.

• Length Options: The availability of different lengths (1700mm & 1900mm) allows for customisation based on the specific requirements of the facility or the user.

• 2-Year Warranty: The inclusion of a 2-year warranty indicates the manufacturers confidence in the products quality and durability providing customers with peace of mind

Overall, the Timo Wall Mounted Personal Care Stretcher appears to be a well-designed and practical solution for personal care in diverse environments, combining functionality, hygiene, and durability.

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