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Wash / Dry Toilet Raiser Offer

March 18, 2024

Introducing the Wash/Dry Unit, the latest addition to our line of toilet raisers. Boasting an award-winning design, this unit offers all the wash/dry features you require, surpassing the capabilities of standard domestic toilets. With a safe working load of up to 30 stones, it ensures reliability and durability for all users.

Key features include:

• Wash/dry seat with customisable washing options for optimal comfort and hygiene.

• Hand-held remote control for convenient operation of wash/dry functions.

• Additional hand-held remote for adjusting the unit's height, providing versatility and accessibility.

• Manual rating wash/dry switch for added control and flexibility.

• Requires a fused spur and mains plumbing for installation, ensuring seamless integration into your bathroom setup.

Upgrade your bathroom experience with the Wash/Dry Unit and enjoy unparalleled convenience and functionality.

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