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Hi-Lo Wall Mounted Plinth
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Hi-Lo Wall Mounted Plinth

The Timo Wall Mounted Changing Plinth is designed to make the fitting and changing of clothes as easy and stress free as possible for both patients and carers. Its soft padded top can be folded up when not in use to save valuable space in the bedroom or bathroom.

  • Coated drop down safety rails

  • Battery pack & charging station

  • Soft padded top section

  • 12 month warranty

  • 200kg safe working load

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OCS compatibility statement


Measurement (Inches) Xsmall Small Medium Large
Length 1500 1700 1900 -
Width 650 650 650 -
Length - 1850 2050 -
Width - 1015 1015 -
Height Adj.
Lowest - 450 450 -
Highest - 850 850 -


OCS compatibility statement

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