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Hi-Lo Wall Mounted Shower Stretcher
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Hi-Lo Wall Mounted Shower Stretcher

The Timo Wall Mounted Shower Stretcher is designed to help carers bathe and shower patients as easily as possible. The platform can be raised and lowered simply by using the hand control to reach the perfect height for all transfers. The platform also folds neatly against the wall, saving space even in the smallest bathroom.

  • Coated drop down safety rails

  • Padded rail covers available as optional extra

  • Wipe clean mattress and pillow, adjustable backrest

  • Battery and charging station

  • Battery operated (fuse spur not required)

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OCS compatibility statement


Measurement (Inches) Xsmall Small Medium Large
Length 1500 1700 1900 -
Width 650 650 650 -
Length - 1850 2050 -
Width - 1015 1015 -
Height Adj.
Lowest - 450 450 -
Highest - 850 850 -


OCS compatibility statement

Easy to use electric adjustment

Offering a smooth and quiet lift, giving both the client and carer peace of mind while the product is in use. The easy to use hand control offers a fuss-free lift and for extra peace of mind, every electric pack comes complete with an emergency stop mechanism as standard.

Side tip function

The side tip function helps with cleaning and storage of the wall-mounted plinth. At the squeeze of the lever, the full top section tips vertically to allow carers full access to the padded cover and locks easily back into place when folded back down into place.

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